Hydrostatic Cylinder Retesting

Hydrostatic Cylinder Retesting

HME providers have counted on Southeast DME for more than a decade to accommodate their hydrostatic cylinder retesting needs. When retesting cylinders, our trained technicians and inspectors offer the same attention to detail that you do in providing a safe and quality environment for your patients.

Why Retest?

Government and safety organizations such as the Department of Transportation (DOT) regularly warn individuals in the HME industry of the hazards that may be posed by certain oxygen cylinders with undetected cracks. The DOT requires that all cylinders receive a careful examination at least every five years by a DOT-qualified retest facility. It is important to use a qualified technician because those who are unqualified may not be able to differentiate between a crack and a tap stop or may not have sufficient crack detecting equipment, as required by the Department of Transportation.

Undetected cracks can result in the rupture of the cylinder during a fill, which can cause injury, death, and/or property damage. Thus, cracked cylinders must be removed from service immediately. Although the majority of cracking incidences have occurred in cylinders containing the aluminum alloy 6351-T6, it is necessary to have all cylinders retested at least every five years to ensure safety.

Retest with Southeast DME

Southeast DME is certified by the Department of Transportation (DOT RIN D-487) to requalify oxygen cylinders. In addition to the usual hydrostatic retest, the company also uses an inspection method called Eddy Current Test on all 6351 aluminum cylinders. Although the Eddy Current Test of 6351 aluminum cylinders has only been require by the DOT since January 1, 2007, Southeast DME has employed this safety technology for the last 8 years. This technology incorporates electromagnetic waves to measure the material characteristics of the metal. These waves reveal cracks and other flaws that can lead to cylinder failure. Southeast DME is currently equipped to retest the following types of cylinders:

  • Steel Cylinders (medical “H” cylinders and smaller)
  • Aluminum Cylinders
  • Plus and Star Cylinders (medical “H” cylinders and smaller)

Southeast DME can also replace cylinder valves and repaint your cylinders if and when necessary. For more information or pricing, please call us at (888) 578-5697 or email us.