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    Certification Comparisons

    ISO 9001 & JCAHO Comparison Chart
    Topic (ISO 9001:2008) (JCAHO)
    Mission Measures commitment to quality management Measures safety and quality of care in healthcare industry
    Business Sectors Primarily technical, manufacturing Healthcare
    Performance Measurement Must meet customer satisfaction and regulatory systems standards Must meet patient rights, patient treatment, and infection control standards
    Participation Requirements Voluntary (Necessary to receive certain contracts) Voluntary (Necessary for most insurance companies & Medicare)
    Geographic Impact Worldwide (887,770 companies are accredited) United States (15,000 companies accredited)
    How Certification Occurs Certification is Voluntary – followed up with progressive annual audits, surveys and check ups On-site surveys/check-ups every 2-3 years
    Benefits to Customer Highest quality products and customer service Consistency Confidence in quality and care, treatment and services
    Benefits to Business Owner Systems standardization Product reliability Improves safety May reduces liability costs, improves risk management risk reduction